‘In 2007, we were awarded a second Michelin star. Each day, the entire Ciel Bleu team contributes to this with great enjoyment and dedication. Ciel Bleu is an invitation to guests to experience a piece of true culinary craftsmanship and service.’

Arjan Speelman, Head Chef

Ciel Bleu: Refined Flavours

Welcome to Ciel Bleu. This is where you step into the world of our refined flavours. Where the focus is on details and everything is perfectly brought together. Our dishes, the wines, the ambiance, and the personal service make a visit to Ciel Bleu an unforgettable gastronomic experience with a panoramic view of Amsterdam.

We are dedicated to pure cooking with guts, love, and craftsmanship. Our methods are faithful to traditional French cuisine while including innovative techniques, full of international influences and spices.

One team

Our Ciel Bleu team is a unit in which we all create the authentic Michelin 2* experience of Ciel Bleu. Together, we create a total experience of culinary excellence. We let you sample the purity of our ingredients through our traditional craft full of surprising elements.

We like getting to know our guests and also let ourselves be seen to create a bond with each guest. Our Head Chef Arjan Speelman, Chef de Cuisine Jelle Conijn and Service Manager Francesco Simonelli personally welcome you and are happy that you are here.

Our dishes

We cook with guts, love, and craftsmanship. At Ciel Bleu, you will taste the artisanal and traditional cuisine with international influences and spices. We get inspiration from all corners of the world. We make use of all the beauty that nature has to offer.

We bring together pure ingredients, spices, and flavours to create an original and inspiring flavour experience. Each bite is a journey in itself. Our dishes draw you in further and further on a journey, led by the main ingredient.

“The Ciel Bleu spice line represents the identity of our diverse team.”

Jelle Conijn, Chef de Cuisine

In spices, Ciel Bleu sees important flavourings. Our curiosity and passion for spices can be tasted in our dishes. Allow us to amaze you!



Our exclusive wines, selected with care by SVH master sommelier Noël Vanwittenbergh, are characterized by refined flavours that pair beautifully with the dishes served. The result is a traditional yet exciting wine menu for which no concessions were made. Our sommeliers are pleased to offer you an exquisite and beautifully balanced selection of wines to choose from.

“We cater to our guests’ palates and preferences and create the Ciel Bleu experience by adding a third flavour profile to the dishes; something unexpected yet carefully considered.


Ciel Bleu received Wine Spectator’s Best of Award of Excellence, an international award reserved for restaurants that exceed the requirements of the Award of Excellence.

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Top performance

Team-oriented collaboration and structure. According to Executive Chef Arjan Speelman of Ciel Bleu** at Hotel Okura Amsterdam, these are the key factors for achieving a culinary top performance. In the kitchen of the Michelin-starred restaurant, a clear hierarchy is maintained, and everyone has a defined role. But if any deviation is noticed, everyone is encouraged to give feedback. We go above and beyond for each other. Arjan compares it to Formula 1 racing, where losing is not an option!

Chef’s Table

The Chef’s Table is the vibrant heart of Ciel Bleu. A seat at this table guarantees an unbeatable experience. What you will be served remains a surprise and is different each day. These are the front row seats, both in front of the kitchen and for the spectacular view.

Private dining

Ciel Bleu’s private dining offers the space to enjoy culinary delights with your guests in complete privacy. The Starlight is a unique location with magnificent panoramic views. Our private dining is ideal for meetings and dinners for groups comprising between eleven and eighteen guests. For more information on private dining, please contact us via  [email protected] or +31 (0)20 6787 450.

Package: Sleeping under the stars

Every visit to Ciel Bleu is an unforgettable experience. If you would like to extend this experience, then you can continue to enjoy all the comfort and service Hotel Okura Amsterdam has to offer while enjoying the view of the stars above Amsterdam.

This 5* hotel knows how to pamper guests like no other. The delicious breakfast in your room combined with the late check-out offer the ultimate end to a Ciel Bleu experience. Or perhaps you would like to visit Nagomi Spa before going home? Everything is possible at Hotel Okura Amsterdam.

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Hotel Okura Amsterdam

Ciel Bleu is located in Hotel Okura Amsterdam. Thanks to its location on the 23rd floor of the 5* hotel, Ciel Bleu offers a breathtaking view of the entire city.

Hotel Okura Amsterdam is celebrating its 50th anniversary with The Art of Okura. Ciel Bleu is an important part of the total experience offered by Hotel Okura Amsterdam. Everything revolves around the ultimate feeling of hospitality, or Omotenashi.

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