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Join us in celebrating 50 years of Hotel Okura Amsterdam. During your visit we invite you to experience and listen to our unique stories, to learn what Omotenashi means to us. This is what we call the Art of Okura!

Due to the renovation of our kitchen, Ciel Bleu Restaurant** will remain closed until the end of March. We are still committed to offering exquisite experiences at home. Take a look at our offerings here.

We truly look forward to offering you an unforgettable experience again soon.

Ciel Bleu

Ciel Bleu holds two Michelin stars for its international cuisine led by chefs Onno Kokmeijer and Arjan Speelman. You are presented with an unsurpassable panoramic view of the Amsterdam skyline on the 23rd floor of Hotel Okura Amsterdam. We believe in ‘Guestronomy’; gastronomy, with a strong focus towards our guests. Attentive, amiable staff are on hand to welcome and guide you through the seasonal menus showcasing the creations of Ciel Bleu’s world-class chefs, alongside exclusive vintages from the award-winning wine list.


Our menu offers mouthwatering creations that continuously change depending on best quality and availability of products during the seasons.

At Ciel Bleu we want everyone to enjoy our gastronomic experience. Due to the complexity of our dishes, it is not possible to replace certain ingredients.

Our story

When Ciel Bleu first opened its doors over 20 years ago, we had ambitions as high as our unique position on the 23rd floor of Hotel Okura Amsterdam.

We worked tirelessly to create a world-class dining experience, garnering two Michelin stars and a great reputation for our creative international cuisine and cosmopolitan dining experience. The team’s lofty ambitions and skills have helped inspire and nurture their peers, playing a vital part in the transformation of Amsterdam into the truly European culinary capital it is today.


We are proud of the stunning ingredients from the Dutch land and we feel a deep passion for the bountiful fish and shellfish from the surrounding seas and lakes. History also plays an important role, especially the Golden Age with shiploads of spices has a strong influence on our kitchen. In addition, the centuries-long relationship with Japan offers a lot of inspiration.

Our mission is to achieve the ultimate taste from our top quality ingredients. The salty-creamy oysters from Brittany, but also the purest cacao from the ‘Amsterdam Chocolate makers’ and cheese from Fromagerie Kef. We also embrace the organic herbs, flowers and vegetables of the region’s suppliers.

An evening at Ciel Bleu

Your experience at Ciel Bleu is a combination of many elements: the welcome; the service; the view; the food; the wine; the farewell. Each element being as important as the last. When entering the 23rd floor you enjoy bites in the lounge before taking your seat to savour the courses of your chosen menu. The team will guide you through the evening, while you feel connected to Amsterdam due to the amazing view from the 23rd floor. We serve international flavours cooked with the very best techniques. The breathtaking view together with personal hospitality create a unique atmosphere. 

Our Team

Aiming for perfection

Onno Kokmeijer’s and Arjan Speelman’s journey in Ciel Bleu Restaurant started fifteen years ago. When Onno was asked to lead the restaurant, he immediately knew that he wanted to have Arjan as his right-hand man. Their friendship dates back to their college years, when they worked together during various traineeships. The mutual respect grew and they realised they could learn a lot from each other. Thus, a bond of trust has grown.

Onno and Arjan proved to be a great team. It is their strength that they are so different, they complement each other perfectly. Their dedication to improvement, pushing to be better every day, in every dish, puts them on a global stage. It allows them to constantly learn from each other, building the culinary scene within Amsterdam and cultivating the leading chefs of tomorrow.

Dance of the waiters

At Ciel Bleu, we will never stop looking for ways to improve our guest experiences. This experience can by no means be achieved by the quality of the food alone. Your sense of touch is indulged by the comfort of your chair and your ears are caressed by the music that will underscore the flow of the evening. The art of understanding our guests’ needs is mastered to perfection by the service team. He conducts the service like a dance, while head sommelier Noël Vanwittenbergh pours wines of incredible lushness, easing you into a relaxing and uplifting experience. At Ciel Bleu we expend a lot of energy perfecting the overall sensory experience of our guests.


Chef’s Table

For a rare glimpse into the workings of a two Michelin-starred team, reserve the Chef’s Table overlooking the heart of the kitchen. It is possible to have a private dinner for four to ten people at the Chef’s Table. You will find yourselves in the middle of the kitchen, keeping an eye on the kitchen team without missing out on the gorgeous view or the excellent service of the waiters.

Private dining

In addition to the Chef’s Table, the Starlight offers the option for private dining for 10 to 16 persons. The Starlight is a space where you can dine in complete privacy and the stunning view makes you feel on top of the world. For more information about the private dining options you can contact us via [email protected] or +31 (0)20 6787 450.


A full flavour experience is the key at Ciel Bleu when it comes to wine. Enjoy a selection of the most exclusive wines – a harmonious complement to refined cuisine. You will find an extensive wine list, selected with an eye to balance – but also offering the odd surprise.

Expert sommeliers are always on hand to give personal advice. In addition to a selection of classics from major wine regions, sommelier Noël Vanwittenbergh has come up with a wide range of innovative wines, especially from up-and-coming wine estates in the New World.

The gustatorial expertise of Noël Vanwittenbergh has not been left unnoticed: Ciel Bleu received the ‘Best of Award of Excellence’ by Wine Spectator, an award created to give special recognition to restaurants that exceed the requirements of the Award of Excellence. 

Ciel Bleu package

When the evening draws to an end, bring Ciel Bleu’s breath-taking view straight to your luxurious room and begin your wonderful night’s sleep with the beautiful backdrop of Amsterdam’s city skyline. In addition to our surprise menu including champagne aperitif, wine package, water, coffee or tea, the Ciel Bleu package includes a signed copy of Ciel Bleu’s Guestronomy book, an overnight stay in an Executive City View Room, a bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne upon arrival, access to the Executive Lounge, access to Nagomi Health and a parking ticket.

More information can be found here. 


Guestronomy is Ciel Bleu’s latest book. Not only does it contain 52 appetizing recipes to recreate the magic of Ciel Bleu at home, it’s also filled with personal anecdotes that transform the book in far more than a collection of recipes. A colourful background of how the book came about, Guestronomy immerses you in the world of Ciel Bleu by providing an exclusive, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the experience of high-end dining. Interested?


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